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BluTuna Software

Planning a DX'pedition?
Operate from rare grids?
Think web technology is cool? gives you the power to host your amateur radio logs on the Internet, track your contest scores online, and log contacts real-time from any Internet enabled PC. Your contacts can search your online log to confirm a QSO and request QSLs electronically. Using WinLog32, you can add contacts to your online log in REAL-TIME, as you work them. Operating from a friend's shack? Forget scraps of paper to record your Q's, log your contacts on the web logger and get emails to remind you to add your new ones to your desktop log, or import an ADI file of your contacts downloaded from the site.

Some of the cool things does:
  • Online uploads of your logs via ADIF formatted files
  • Contest score tracking
  • QSL Requesting and Reminders
  • Reports for lookups against your logs
  • Supports multiple logs / call signs per user
  • Real time logging over any internet enabled PC with email reminders and DXCluster Integration
  • Fully configurable search result display options
  • Real-time integration to WinLog32
  • Have a web site? Want to add a cool log search feature so visitors can search your log without leaving your site? Click Here for the code. is a BIG application, even though it is a website. Before you use the site, there are a few compatability checks you can do to get the most from it. There are only a few of them, but they are important. Below is a summary of the Browser requirements for
  • requires Internet Explorer 5.5 or greater. Other browsers may work, but there are allot of features that will not work as intended.
  • Pop-ups must be enabled for this site, otherwise, many features will not work.
  • Cookies are helpful, but not required.
  • Enabling javascript is a must, or the site will simply not work.
  • When uploading ADIF logs, please name the log file "LogCall.adi".
  • If you have a question, email me: WE1H AT
  • Test your Internet Explorer Browser for compatability.

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